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Maximizing Creativity on the Fiverr Platform

If you’re an artist looking to make a break into freelance work on Fiverr, you may be a little bit disheartened when you begin to research the service. The people who are talking about making money there aren’t talking about techniques and artistry; they’re talking about back-linking and SEO. Reading this material can make you feel like Fiverr isn’t a service made for the artistically inclined, but that’s completely untrue. While Fiverr isn’t a coupon for free money, the question of whether or not you can make money on Fiverr as an artist is most simply answered through your hard work and determination.

The first thing that Fiverr does for the aspiring freelance artist is it allows them to build up a catalog of their best work at little to no cost. Make sure to mention in the gig’s description that pictures of your work will be retained for such purposes, but that is all you need to do in order to be paid while putting together a compelling portfolio. Commissioned work will also put you in new and exciting positions, ones that you may never have considered if you were drawing just for yourself. These new, creative ventures will help to expand your talents, and allow you to polish techniques you might not use otherwise.

Keep in mind that this freelance work also pays for the cost of supplies, and helps subsidize your time if nothing else. While you can do portfolio work by yourself, it can be very demoralizing to be creating things just for the purpose of securing future work; it’s hard to justify having to “waste” excellent results, but that’s exactly what it can feel like. Even after Fiverr takes its share, you’re still going to be walking away with no less than four dollars. Depending on your work speed and the length of the project, even that of a seemingly small amount can be a nice return.

For more experienced artists, a Fiverr gig can be the micro-job equivalent of a business card; something that opens doors for you and shows your professionalism. Talented craftspeople have every right to charge good money for the work that they do, but people are often uneasy about spending the money to pay for it; how will they know if they’re going to be satisfied? Fiverr gives you the perfect bridge for this divide, allowing people to commission small projects for small prices. This gives your potential patron not only an example of your work but also a sample of your customer service. No matter if they buy a larger piece from you or not, you’re still getting a new page in your portfolio and a few dollars in your pocket.

Fiverr artists are never going to be the subject of getting rich quick books, but that’s not why a majority of them come to the service; they come because they want to make money doing work that doesn’t feel like a job. They do it so they have a chance to grow their talents, break into freelance work, and pay a few of the bills by doing what they love. It’s not a “strategy” like those utilized by SEO wizards; it’s a method of following your passions and joys in life. You can make money as an artist on Fiverr; you just have to be willing to put the time and effort in.